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Basics of Logo Sizing

Basics of logo sizing

A logo has a massive impact on how your company is perceived, so it’s important to display your brand seamlessly across the web, social media, print, and more.

The sizes of the logo depends on the platform you’re uploading it to. To ensure your logo design works in different platforms, we’ve put together a list of logo size guidelines to help you make sure it looks awesome wherever it’s displayed!

Use a PNG file to display your logo online

Png files are lossless compressed files, which allows them to maintain a lot of quality while having a relatively small file size. They also allow for transparency/transparent backgrounds and are great for social media, websites, and most other web use cases. Keep the files to less than 200KB to ensure faster load times while remaining sharp.

Logo sizes for websites

Websites are a crucial part of any business. People are able to learn more about what you do, your company vision, and decide if they’re interested in buying your offerings or whatever you are promoting.

The common areas to display a logo on a website are in the top banner/header, and the favicon (the small icon next to your address bar or the title on your browser tab). For a website we recommend using a PNG file. For desktops, websites logos range between 24px and 100px in height. A common width is 500px.

Favicons allow your brand to be present in the search bar.Standard favicon sizes for browsers are 16px x 16px. Favicons tend to be just the icon that represents your brand as they are too small to read any text.

Logo sizes for social media

Logo sizes on social correlate to their application such as profile photos, cover photos and banners, and actual image posts.

It’s best to use PNG files as they’re a lossless compressed format compared to JPG files, which are are lossy compressed hence the file size may be smaller but the quality also decreases.

To get started, we’ve compiled the different aspect ratios to consider for social platforms.

Logo dimensions on Instagram:

Profile photo (circular): 110 x 110px

Logo dimensions on Facebook:

Profile photo (square): 160 х 160px

Cover photo: 1640 x 624px

Logo dimensions on YouTube:

Profile photo (circular): 800 x 800px

Thumbnail photo: 1280 x 720px

Cover photo: 2560 x 1440px

Logo dimensions on Twitter:

Profile photo (circular): 400 x 400px

Cover photo: 1500 х 1500px

Logo dimensions on LinkedIn:

Profile photo (circular): 400 х 400 px

Cover photo: 646 x 220px

Logo dimensions on Pinterest:

Profile photo (circular): 165 x 165px

Logo dimensions on Google+:

Profile photo (circular): 250 х 250px

Cover photo: 2120 x 1192px

Hope this has been helpful. Now make your logo shine!

And if you would like us to help create a logo or update one for you, just message us. We’d love to help you.

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