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What to Do After You’ve Bought Your Domain Name

Now that you’ve bought your domain name, follow these three simple steps to getting an online presence. 

1. Sync Your Domain and Hosting

With a domain name, you’ll also need a hosting account to set up a website. To set up a hosting account, you’ll need to do the following.

  • Get a Hosting Plan

You can choose one of the hosting plans from Sojoos to set up a hosting account or a provider of your choice. 

  • Transfer Domain Name Registration to Hosting Provider
    You will need to do a domain transfer process so they point to the location of your host. 
    • To start, login to your domain name registrar where you purchased your domain and locate your nameservers. 
    • Then, you’ll want to copy and paste the nameservers provided by your host into the box where your existing nameservers are located. You can check with your current registrar if your domain’s eligibility for transfer and the steps to do so.

2. A Domain-Specific Email Address

If you also want a domain name email address to go with your new domain name to appear more professional. You can set up your branded email address from within your hosting account. You can make changes through your cPanel through the app called Email Accounts. Here you’ll enter your email address and select the associated domain name from the drop-down box.

3. Get Matching Social Media Handles

It will be helpful to lockdown specific usernames that match up with your website to help to establish your brand online even if you don’t plan on using the social media platform right away.

Sometimes, you may not get an exact match, that’s fine but try and get it as close as possible. Try and match your usernames across various social media accounts so it’s easier for your followers to find you across different platforms. 

Hopefully, the tips above will help you take your brand new domain name and start to lay the foundation for a successful website.

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