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Regenerating Communities

By restoring the diminishing art of kombouw tree bark painting, the culture of Agus’ Asei island community in Sentani region, West Papua, can be regenerated and hope revived.

We support the continuity of art in Asia

Agus Ongge

Agus is a master artisan of bark painting whose work continues the heritage of a traditional art form that has been passed down through generations.

He is also the Executive Director of LSM ISMOP, a local Foundation that strives to preserve the art and culture of the Sentani region, Papua, Indonesia.

What is Bark Art Painting

Bark cloth, or tapa, is not a woven material, but made from bark that has been softened through a process of soaking and beating. The bark is taken from the Kombouw tree, designs are applied with pigments of light brown, red and black made from painstakingly gathered leaves and berries, and a certain kind of mud.  

West Papua is home to the second biggest rainforest in the world after the Amazon and the famous Bird of Paradise.